About Us

Riley Digital Africa (RDA) is incorporated as Riley Digital Services Limited in Uganda-East Africa, we are a Technology and Systems integration Company. Established to provide Technology Value Added Services to the Key market sector players including but not limited to the Telecom Operators, Government agencies, Banks, NGOs, Private Enterprises, Insurance Companies, Retail Outlets and the Products Companies.

Our Vision

To be a globally respected Technology and Systems integration Company, that advances business and society

Our Mission

To be a market-focused, Technology Innovation and performance-driven Company, managed on global standards of operational and financial efficiency.


Our team has immense experience and technological excellence, over the years, our team has empowered Mobile Operators to deliver innovative and monetisable Telecom Value Added Services in Uganda. With this vast experience of mobile networks, RDA is now partnering with industry customers to enable mobile services for the enterprise.

Riley Digital Africa's unique products and services leverage ubiquitous mobile technology, to drive digital inclusion and enable the potential for digital transformation in markets across the world.